Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Update for J Pro Training

Availability for June 2015 ACCA Exam revisions.

Classes for P7 is already full so there is no more place for revision.

Classes for P5 is almost full - left 3 more seats.  Revision class starts on April 5th 2015 (total of 45 hours of revision - unlike the rest that only do 18 hours)

Class for P2 revision will be starting in May 2015 there is 8 seats left

The class for P1 crash course and P3 crash course is still available so book early before the space gets booked.  Currently there is only 18 seats for each of those classes.  This is not only a revision but also a full coverage of the course from start to end.

Next semester the classes for September 2015 ACCA Examinations will be starting on 16 June 2015 onwards.

The workshop based classes are tailored to complete the materials for September 2015 exams 

Subjects that will be covered by the workshop based classes will be 
F7 (5 day extended classes) - FT
F8 (5 day extended classes) - FT
F9 (5days extended classes) - FT
P1 (5 days extended classes) - FT
P2 (8 days extended classes) - FT
P3 (5 days extended classes) - FT
P5 (7 days extended classes) - Weekend + 2 working day
P7 (7 days extended classes) - Weekend + 2 working day
All classes are for 9 hours and covers the FULL SYLLABUS and also adequate PAST YEAR PAPERS.

This classes will be supplemented with online course materials from our partners in UK (Mapit)

Extended classes imply that class will be spread over 2.5 months in which you will have ample time to review the class notes, study using online class materials, practice questions, interact on the online forum.

Class size is limited to 24 students only.

The benefit is that you are clear about what you will be studying and can actually interact with the lecturer face to face without any issues - which is priceless.

The other benefit that some have stated is that they do not need to worry about getting a good place or getting someone to book a spot (all spots in J Pro are good seats)

The materials have been designed around the idea that you can get the most from using online and face to face learning methodology (blended learning) - get the best of UK education and Malaysian education in one place.

Booking for the September classes will start after the current June 2015 exams is over - officially in June 12

Timetable for the workshop will be out by end of May.

Book early to get the seat since the seats are limited and we are not like other colleges that cramps up the venue just for profit.  We care about the quality of learning environment as well as the quality of teaching.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

ACCA J Pro June 2015 classes UPDATE

The following is the class schedule for all the classes that will be running in J Pro.

The minimum class size is 4 students, after which the class is a confirmed on.  The maximum class size is 24.

The fee for each class is included as well.

Timing is either 
Full time - 8.30 am to 6.30pm
Full time - 9.45 am to 5.15pm
Part-time - 6.50 pm to 10.15 pm

There is option to sign up only for revision, or if required for the crash course.

Depends on your preference.

If you want you can also buy our online suite of course - It covers the following - F3, F5, F7, F8, F9, P1, P2, P3, P4 and P7 - price for full course is RM240 and price for revision is RM230, buy both together - you pas RM430 only.

If you do buy our online classes, you can buy the revision classes for F5, F8, F9, P2 at 50% discount price.

Timetable revised for ACCA will be as follows:

Min class size is 4 to start the class.

Call 016-263-0649 Mr. Kumar or 017-878-6074 for clarification and enquiry for the classes.

Those planning to register for ACCA this time and require assistance on how to go about doing it can also request us to support without any charges.

Those that have just completed your degree from the following colleges and plan to study ACCA for the first time 
- Inti International College Subang
- Inti University Nilai
- Nilai University College
- Segi University College Subang
- UiTM
You are suggested to do P1 and P3 crash course.

If you have started work already, then sign up for P1 or P3 crash course

If you are not planning to work, sign up for 3 papers.

If you are suicidal then go for 4 papers

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Events for J Pro Training Dec 2014 - June 2015

Exams are finally over and some of you are very relieved that this has ended.

The following is the plans for the next semester at J Pro Training 

Dec 21 2014, Sunday - Open day for all - OBU, ACCA, Degree students planning to do ACCA, those planning to do CAT

Dec 23 2014, Tuesday - Final registration for OBU  fee - RM2,700 per student 

Jan 2, 2015, Friday - Registration for OBU fee - RM3,000 per student

OBU Classes guiding the development of project - research approach, methods and discussion on issues faced
Jan 3,4,10,11 & 31 
OBU Project completion is expected to be done by Feb 5 2015 for the May 2015 Submission

ACCA Dip IFRS Registration for June 2015 Dip IFRS Examination
Jan 12 and 17.

ACCA Full time tutoring and classes for June 2015 examination preparation
Jan 13, 2015

9 Feb 2015 ACCA After exam class registration 
All classes will start after the results are out - P1, P2, P3 and P4 will be available full time.  P2 is available on evenings. P5 and P7 available on block weekend and P1 and P3 is available block on crash course mode.

This time for those planning to start ACCA after your degree here is my advise. Do P1 and P3 first since it is easier to get into and also less stressful compared to doing P2.

The exams are also spread out by 1 day, giving you some time to rest.

I have included P1 and P3 plus P2 on the same day for benefit of full time students or those that want to top up since their own college lecturer may be inadequate

Do P1 and P3 together - you can opt for the crash course that will start on 28 May 2015 and finishes on 6 of June 2015 - 5 days of classes for each subject.

Your commitment is to come for the crash course for 10 days and go for the exam directly.

This is not suited for those who are doing F level papers or P2 since it assumes that you do not do anything until May 28.

This is ideal for those that are working in the firms since it uses the time off that you get and reduces your stress of studying.

Register for the crash course earlier since it ensure that you can a place since it is limited to 24 students per class.

So for those planning to do CAT or ACCA in 2015, it would be a good idea to drop by this Dec 21 10.00 am to 5.00 pm to discuss your plans

Understand the teaching methods that will be deployed here.

Timetable for June 2015 will be posted.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

J Pro Revision timetable updates P2 ACCA updates

Class changes for P2 ACCA this coming Tuesday.  Please take note.  The class was moved to Wed 29 from Tue 28. All other classes are as usual.

Monday, October 13, 2014

J Pro

J Pro Business Training Facilities
Spacious classes
 Adequate parking which is free
Experienced lecturer with multiple expertise
Improved chances of passing ACCA P1, ACCA P2, ACCA P3, ACCA P5, ACCA P7, DipIFRS, OBU Mentoring 
first time around
Classes for June 2015 will be open for registration.
The only specialist rapid training provider for ACCA

Thursday, September 25, 2014

J Pro Revision Classes timetable

AM 8.30 - 1.00pm
PM 1 2.00pm - 6.30pm
PM 2 6.30pm - 9.30pm

J Pro Revision classes timetable for Dec 2014 examination is now available.

Classes that are offered for revision is:
ACCA F8 - Revision RM200. Lecturer - Mr.Jay
ACCA P1 - Crash course for RM600 starts on Oct 27 - Revision + Full class. Lecturer - Mr.Jay
ACCA P2 - Revision starts on 7th Oct RM750.  Lecturer - Mr.Jay
ACCA P3 - Revision starts on 13th Oct RM500 Lecturer - Mr.Jay
ACCA P5 - Full.
ACCA P6 - Revision starts on 18 Oct RM500 - Lecturer - Mr. Basha
ACCA P7 - Full.

Call 016-263-0649 Mr. Kumar for details.  Register early since class is limited size.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Updated timetable for Dec 2014 Examination ACCA

This is the latest timetable for J Pro training - study @ Shah Alam

The classes for P5 is almost full with only 2 more seats available.  Previous semester June the pass rate for J Pro is 78% for P5.

ACCA P7 class revisions will be starting on 28 September slot.  There is another 6 seats left for this. Previous semester pass rate is 75%.  This pass rate was also achieved in Sunway JB where Mr.Jay also lectures - pass rate was 76%.  This is double the world pass rate and indicates the proven track record for lecture ability.

ACCA P1 is still OPEN for registration - the class only starts on Oct 27 - which is a crash course designed for students that are planning to do 1 or 2 papers only.  Last sitting the pass rate is 80% for the 3 evening 3 day class - crash course.

It is proven that you really don't need to attend 5 months of classes for 6 hours per week to pass the paper.  All you need is 6 - 7 days of class to pass ACCA P1.

This results is possible due to years of refining the materials for ACCA students and reduction of unnecessary talk from the class - focusing only on what is relevant for the exams.