Thursday, May 6, 2021

ACCA September 2021 Online Learning exams timetable and fees


Announcement: Please take note we have made changes to the start dates for all professional paper at J Pro for ACCA September 2021 examination preparation.

The new timetable have been updated as of 30th May 2021. Below timetable is the newly updated.

Courses for Online ACCA September 2021 will now officially start from 19th June 2021 onwards. We will email the students who have already registered the course with us with updated timetable.

The benefit of taking ACCA online course at J Pro Business Training:

* Live online class via google meet.
* Recorded class session which are viewable unlimited times until course expiry.
* Hardcopy materials will be sent via courier free within Malaysia.
* WhatsApp support for students to ask queries and online via google meet during class.

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