Sunday, October 14, 2018

ACCA December 2018 Revision Timetable

The awaited ACCA September 2018 exams results will be out this coming Monday.

Congratulations for students who passed the exams and those who are graduating and becoming an ACCA affiliate, we wish you a bright future career ahead.

Students who did not get through, do not give up. Get ready for revision practice to strengthen your weak areas.

Below is the timetable for J Pro ACCA revision course for December 2018 exams. Revision starts from 28 October 2018 onwards.

For Online or Classroom based students, you can start your revision earlier by accessing our Video Question Banks.

Register for the course at our website

If you have further inquiries, feel free to email or call 016 263 0649 Kumar.

ACCA SBL (Revision Only) December 2018 Exams
04-NovSun8.00 am ~ 12.30 pmRM 750
11-NovSun8.00 am ~ 12.30 pm
18-NovSun8.00 am ~ 12.30 pm
25-NovSun8.00 am ~ 12.30 pm
26-NovMon7.30 pm ~ 10.30 pm
29-NovThu9.30 am ~ 7.00 pm
30-NovFri7.30 pm ~ 10.30 pm
Extra Video Question Banks worth 60 hours+

ACCA (P2) SBR (Revision Only) December 2018 Exams
03-NovSat8.00 am ~ 12.30 pmRM 750
09-NovFri7.30 pm ~ 10.30 pm
10-NovSat8.00 am ~ 12.30 pm
16-NovFri7.30 pm ~ 10.30 pm
17-NovSat8.00 am ~ 12.30 pm
19-NovMon7.30 pm ~ 10.30 pm
24-NovSat8.00 am ~ 12.30 pm
01-DecSat1.00 pm ~ 5.30 pm
Extra Video Question Banks worth 70 hours+

ACCA (P4) AFM (Revision Only) December 2018 Exams
03-NovSat6.00 pm ~ 10.00 pmRM 675
10-NovSat6.00 pm ~ 10.00 pm
17-NovSat6.00 pm ~ 10.00 pm
24-NovSat6.00 pm ~ 10.00 pm
29-NovThu7.30 pm ~ 10.30 pm
01-DecSat8.00 am ~ 12.30 pm
Extra Video Question Banks worth 70 hours+

ACCA (P5) APM (Revision Only) December 2018 Exams
28-OctSun6.00 pm ~ 10.00 pmRM 675
04-NovSun6.00 pm ~ 10.00 pm
11-NovSun6.00 pm ~ 10.00 pm
18-NovSun6.00 pm ~ 10.00 pm
25-NovSun6.00 pm ~ 10.00 pm
27-NovTue2.30 pm ~ 10.30 pm
Extra Video Question Banks worth 70 hours+

ACCA (P6) ATX (Revision Only) December 2018 Exams
03-NovSat1.00 pm ~ 5.30 pmRM 750
10-NovSat1.00 pm ~ 5.30 pm
15-NovThu7.30 pm ~ 10.30 pm
17-NovSat1.00 pm ~ 5.30 pm
24-NovSat1.00 pm ~ 5.30 pm
30-NovFri9.30 am ~ 7.00 pm

Extra Video Question Banks worth 70 hours+

ACCA (P7) AAA (Revision Only) December 2018 Exams
28-OctSun1.00 pm ~ 5.30 pmRM 675
04-NovSun1.00 pm ~ 5.30 pm
11-NovSun1.00 pm ~ 5.30 pm
18-NovSun1.00 pm ~ 5.30 pm
25-NovSun1.00 pm ~ 5.30 pm
28-NovWed2.30 pm ~ 10.30 pm
Extra Video Question Banks worth 70 hours+

Monday, August 20, 2018

ACCA December 2018 Exams Timetable

ACCA December 2018 Exam Preparation Timetable

Course registration is open for ACCA december 2018 exams. Register your course at

Thursday, May 31, 2018

ACCA SBR and SBL review

Time has come to say farewell to ACCA P1, P2, P3 and start a new leave with the syllabus.

In Malaysia, there has a lot of crazy ideas about this 2 papers being much harder than previous papers and that it will be a killer paper.

After looking at the papers, those starting the new paper will understand that it is much more practical paper and requires someone with a strong knowledge of practical world to teach them.

The fact that ACCA SBL is 4 hours and has 12 - 18 pages should not be a concern for many since the old paper was 6 hours and also had a cumulative paper weight of similar content - so therefore it is much easier paper

The other fact is that ACCA SBR used to have 35 marks for calculation and now it has been reduced to 18 marks would indicate that industry wants you to explain the issues and not just calculate.

ACCA SBL as a paper is much easier to manage since it deals with one company only and has 20 marks being awarded for professional issues, only 80 marks for application.

This compares against previous paper of 8 marks for professional and 192 marks for application

So, in terms of examination, it can be seen that stress has been reduced significantly

On the other part, syllabus has been consolidated and merged, leading to reduced redundancies that used to exist with both papers.

Finally, the online support module for the paper is much more comprehensive compared to previous free version.

Overall the paper is much more easier compared to P1 and P3 combined.  It is also set at a more practical level, leading to more realistic work type exposure in the exam.

Now the lecturers who should be teaching this paper are those that have a good financial and management accounting background since the level of number crunching in this paper would be much more higher compared to previous papers.

On top of that, the lecturer should also have taught the P1 and P3 papers in the past, this gives a easier basis to integrate the knowledge - getting 2 lecturers to teach the paper is usually a recipe for disaster - so if you are selecting a lecturer to teach you - check their history before taking them on - as your mentor.

We will be having an evening talk session for all ACCA new papers at J Pro venue. Below are the details. Seats are limited to 24 per session, so book fast.

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Monday, May 7, 2018

ACCA September 2018 Exam Preparation Timetable


New changes to ACCA Professional level paper for September 2018 exams:

P1 & P3 (Merged)(SBL) Strategic Business Leader 
P2(SBR) Strategic Business Reporting  
P4(AFM) Advanced Financial Management 
P5(APM) Advanced Performance Management   
P6 MYS(ATX) Advanced Taxation MYS
P7(AAA) Advanced Audit and Assurance

Syllabus guide link as below:

1) (SBL) Strategic Business Leader: Click Here
2) (SBR) Strategic Business Reporting: Click Here
3) (AFM) Advanced Financial Management: Click Here
4) (APM) Advanced Performance Management: Click Here
5) (ATX) Advanced Taxation MYS: Click Here
6) (AAA) Advanced Audit and Assurance: Click Here

J Pro ACCA September 2018 exam preparation timetable as below, course registration can be done at our website Classes officially starts after Hari Raya Aidilfitri, June 23 2018.

Study via classroom or online with us.

For more information please call 016 263 0649 Kumar.