Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why J Pro Training is the best ACCA Workshop provider for June 2016 exams

Why studying with JPro is a unique experience that you will not get with others.

1. We care about your learning experience.  Instead of packing the class with 300+ students, we limit the class to 24 only for face to face classes.

2. We care about your time, we do not use up all the time in the world to teach you the materials, we use the optimum level to get you the knowledge you want.

3. Your lecturer, Mr.Jay FCCA is the only one in Malaysia that has the innovativeness and know-how to compress the required learning for ACCA into a short period - 5 days for P1 and P3, 6 days for P4, P5 and P7 and achieved high pass rates.

4. We also understand that you may miss classes for personnel reasons, we have recorded the classes for you so that you don't miss a thing.

5. We also know that you are tired and want to maximise the amount of learning that can be done in a short-period of time, we use a virtual notebook to make sure you focus on ANALYSIS and BREAKDOWN of questions, rather than writing up answers. We have completed up to 15 case-studies per day for P1 and P3 this way.

6. We use approved BPP learning materials to support your studies - there is no need to buy additional materials.

7. We also the only ACCA training provider to run all 4 cycles for ACCA Exams - Mar / June / Sept / Dec in full.  Others are only providing the revision or workshop - at Jpro you study the full deal.
8. We also provide free refreshments, surau, wifi and ample parking space.

9. Sign up now for June exams, we will be starting the September exam preparation cycles from June 11 onwards - so book early to attend the classes for September 2016 exams