Friday, August 30, 2013

Self-studying ACCA / CIMA students - help is at hand

Innovation in the process of studying is never easy, but once it reaches - you should embrace it.

The current learning strategy for students that self-studying is the fact that you need to be able to manage your time and your studies.

In this case a self-study student needs really good support material and guidance but does not need to attend the classes.

If you invest in a text book and a revision kit, the most you are getting is lots of reading time and frustration as you review the materials.

Text books that are available in the market for ACCA is limited to BPP, Kaplan and GTG - all of them written in a manner to put you to sleep.

The other problem with self-study situation is the fact that no one is around for additional guidance and help you focus on the key area - it will depend on your research and skill in using the internet.

To improve your yield in self-studying for ACCA examinations - you should consider J Pro Online learning solutions, which caters for students in Brunai, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and China.

The subjects that J Pro is currently offering online tuition solutions includes the following

ACCA F3 - Online Lectures + Notes RM230
ACCA F5 - Lectures + Notes RM230
ACCA F7 - Lectures + Notes RM230 + Revision RM210
ACCA F8 - Lectures + Notes RM230
ACCA F9 - Lectures + Notes RM230 + Revision RM210
ACCA P1 - Lectures + Notes RM230
ACCA P2 - Lectures + Notes RM230 + Revision RM210
ACCA P3 - Lectures + Notes RM230
ACCA P4 - Lectures + Notes RM230
ACCA P7 - Lectures + Notes RM230
(Last updated price 01 January 2014)

The above would also grant you access to jpro forum that is organised specially for the students - it would allow some interaction and more specifically allows tips and focus areas to be communicated

On top of that - each paper that you sign up for online lectures enables you to claim RM50 off from J Pro Obu Mentoring which is priced at RM2,700 (includes the BRM and Mentoring package)

If you are already studying somewhere else - take the course as an additional tuition support that would help you re-cap any area that you are weak.

For more information on how to sign up and get going with the online learning solution - contact Mr.Kumar @ 016-263-0649 or you can email

In addition to that CIMA students that are self-studying can also get some support for:

CIMA P1 - Online lecture + notes RM230
CIMA F2 - Online lectures + notes RM230
CIMA E3 - Online lectures + notes RM230
CIMA F3 - Online lectures + notes RM230
(Last updated price 01 January 2014)

If you have started to study CIMA and need help, the materials here are very useful and should be able to cover the lecturer requirements.

Best of luck

PS: Those still interested in preparing for ACCA P5 (there is opening for revision class - 4 days that will cost RM550)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

J Pro Business Training

J Pro Business Training specialises in after-results classes for working adults @ Shah Alam.  J Pro also specialises at the professional level of ACCA using workshop style training approach + blended learning strategies. 

This is ideal for working adults that stay in Klang - uses Kesas, Shah Alam, Subang - use Kesas / Federal, Sunway - use Kesas / Federal, Damansara area - use NKVE, link to Kesas via Pelabuhan Indah exit.

Google maps : 

Classes available this time

ACCA P7 Full week-end release course for part-time and full-time students 
ACCA P5 Full week-end release course for part-time and full-time students
ACCA P2 Part-time ACCA course (evenings)
ACCA P1 Crash course for ACCA
ACCA P3 Crash course for ACCA

ACCA F5 / F8 / F9 OR CAT FAU / FFM / FMA class can be made available for students groups that need help understanding the paper.  This is a self-designed course, where the student group tailors the class for their needs - Thursday / Friday availability.

Each class will have short test that is marked and returned with comments from trainer and also specifically designed materials.

Teaching strategies adopted is similar to UK Colleges, which can complete the whole ACCA course in 36 hours - as seen in RCA Belfast 

So if you value your time and don't want to waste them attending a long winded class - STUDY SMART @ J Pro TRAINING

About the lecturer/trainer
Used to lecture in Sunway PJ since 1997, KDU since 2006, PAAC since 2005, Stamdford PJ since 1996.  
Now lecturing only at J Pro since 2009, Inti since 2010, Sunway JB since 2007.
18 years+ experience in professional courses training and development


Applied and interactive.
Technical knowledge based learning as opposed to common sense approach
Exam focused
Examiner focused

CALL : 016-263-0649 (Kumar) for details on the above and booking for the class.
Email for details