Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ACCA P3 Last Minute course

I have created a new program for the last minute students that want to pass with the least effort - there will be a revision class for P3 in J Pro that covers the following
1. The basic models and concepts
2. The application of models and concepts to selected case - making sure you know how to apply it
3. Spotted questions to be done.

This ACCA P3 course is not for everyone - it is for
1. Those that have studied this paper before and failed it
2. Are not doing any of the other optional papers
3. Planning to sit for P3 only
4. Willing to take risk
5. Working in an audit firm where there is limited time for studies and review
If you fit this profile - the class will be just right for you.

The revision class (training) will be from
Friday 23/11/2012 10am to 7pm (8 hours)
Friday 7/12/2012 10am to 7pm (8 hours)
Saturday 8/12/2012 8.30 am to 6.30 pm (9 hours)
Total time obligation on your side will be 25 hours.

Price will be RM 400 which will include all the notes and model answers.

Space will be limited to maximum of 12 students only, right now 3 have booked.  So the balance space available will be 9 students.  You should sms 017-8786074 for booking.
You pay your fee on 11/11/12 10.30 - 1.30 pm or on 17 or 18 /11/12 same time.
The objective here is to only make you look at relevant stuff and nothing else.

Materials are very concise and targeted specifically for the examination in Dec 2012.

If you need more information about the course or any other details email: jprotraining@gmail.com.