Thursday, April 5, 2012

J Pro Business Training for August 2012

Is one of the best training providers for ACCA professional stage, with a unique 80 hours training program that provides professional ACCA students the best solution in passing their professional papers with the least amount of effort from their side.

The benefits of taking up a full course with J Pro
1. The classes are concentrated learning sessions which are aimed to reduce your environmental footprint to the lowest (by making you make only 9 trips to the class) as opposed to coming multiple times over a week. (6 days class + 3 days revision ) @ 9 hours per day (8.30 - 6.30)
2. The training classes are conducive since there is a limited number of trainees that are accepted for each training session, unlike other training providers that are willing to keep on taking.
3. The training is done by Mr.Jay exclusively for ACCA P3, P5 and P7.
4. Training materials include PLATINUM awarded BPP Textbooks in addition to other training materials which is given free
5. Training time is done during weekends - ideal for those that are already working in the audit firms (in fact there is always a large number from the BIG 4 in the class)
6. Benefit discounts for doing your OBU, each paper taken in J Pro entitles you for a RM200.00 discount for OBU Mentoring services done with J Pro
7. Training schedule mirrors your learning patterns - gets heavier nearer to exam, with more sessions.
8. Light snacks and refreshments are provided completely free of charge
9. Uniquely designed testing modules, which ensures that learning is tested all the time
10. Classes starts after results are out - enjoy a longer holiday or break before starting up the learning cycle (after all you need to be well rested before starting your studies)
11. Be assured that syllabus and majority of all the past year questions will be covered within the 81 hours
10. The only reliable solution for learning ACCA for Shah Alam, Klang, Subang and some say Sunway.