Friday, October 16, 2015

ACCA Dec 2015 Revision time table

Timetable for J Pro ACCA Dec 2015 exam revisions is available.

Please book your seat to ensure you can attend the class.

If you have set for the paper in September 2015 and planning to repeat it - you have an option to take the full class or just the revision.

J Pro is also the only Malaysian ACCA Provider to bring Malaysian ACCA Training content that has On Demand function.

The above is a valid idea that has now reached ACCA lectures

We at J Pro are constantly innovating to bring flexibility and convenience for students that are preparing for the paper.

Those that want to attend classes, sign up before the dates indicated.  You can sign up for the class after the results for September 2015 is released on Oct 16.

Now you can attend class or pick up the missed classes.

Those planning to take the exam and have yet to study - you can still purchase the full course for each of the paper and prepare for the paper.