Thursday, July 2, 2015

J Pro Training is a Registered CBE Centre

J Pro Training has just been awarded ACCA CBE licence centre and we can now accept students for CBE exams.

We have the most comfortable tables and chairs set up for the online exams.

Take your FA1, FA2, MA1, MA2, FAB, FMA, FFA and F4 exam papers on demand.

We have free parking and a comfortable setting for the exam.

Arrangement for exams is flexible and can be done on demand (3 days timing)

Student groups that have been having difficulty passing the papers can request for tuition support in the form of crash course for groups of 6 students.

We will also be starting of crash courses for CAT FA1; FA2; MA1; MA2; FFA; FMA; FAB in August 2015 that caters for students that want to complete Foundation in Accountancy as fast as possible.

Group tuition for FAU and FFM is now available for students that are having a hard time to pass your CAT.  This will be on offer from August 2015 for the Dec 2015 exams.

If you had not passed the FAU and FFM papers, try out J pro for a more effective solution.

Please call Mr. Kumar 0162630649 or email

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