Friday, July 24, 2015

J Pro Training - First ACCA Provider to run 4 sittings in Malaysia

J Pro training is the first tuition provider to provide full coverage of all 3 core papers & 2 optional papers for the 4 exam sittings of ACCA has just introduced.

This can be accomplished by innovative teaching strategy that has been developed over the years and careful partnerships with the appropriate materials providers.

J Pro will ensure that every sitting we will run the following papers for all the students.

ACCA F8 - Crash course
ACCA P1 - Crash course
ACCA P3 - Crash course
ACCA P2 - Evening classes
ACCA P5 - Weekend block release
ACCA P7 - Weekend block release

We will also strive to provide OBU mentoring for students that have completed their ACCA exams in August and are qualified to take the OBU program.

We will also strive to run revision programs for all intakes that covers the papers above.

Obviously there is a minimum number of students that are required before the classes are initiated - so please inform your friends about this option.

We have also just got our ACCA CBE Licence - which means that we can now offer exam facility for students that are preparing for CAT - FA1; FA2; MA1; MA2; FFA; FMA and FAB

ACCA - F1; F2; F3 and F4 (Global) or (UK)

We can provide crash courses to cover the above 7 papers on demand and will start offering this services from August 2015 onwards.

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