Monday, January 3, 2011

DATE for F8 and P7 is out

Latest updates for the students that are interested in doing the
Those that are staying near to Shah Alam and Klang can consider my centre for easy of access (since there is a new exit that links the Kesas direct to my centre)
The classes for my centre is usually 7 hours per week on Wednesday, classes will start after results are out from (9 - 5 pm)
24 Feb x 7
2 Mar x 7
30 Mar x 7
13 Apr x 7
27 Apr x 7
(9 - 6 pm)
25 May x 8 (revision)
26 May x 8 (revision)
27 May x 8 (revision)
(will include 2 saturday/sunday classes - decided after the classes start)
Complete coverage of the paper + revision will be RM800 - SMS your name to 0178786074 to confirm your seats.
Revision class only will be RM 380

DATE P7 for Jpro is as follows [8hours per day (8.30 - 5.30)]
12, 13 & 19 March
2, 9, 10 April
Revision - 28,29,30, 31 May (revision)
The price is RM 1,000 for the P7
If you are only joining the revision class the price is RM 400
The price is inclusive of tea/coffee and all notes for the classes which is provided during the training.

The following are the providers nearby the centre - walk 1-2minutes

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