Sunday, August 22, 2010

Results are out

The ACCA / CAT June 2010 results are finally out on August 2010. The feedback is usually the same, those that worked hard normally do get thru, those that took it easy might have a 50%-50% chance, in some rare circumstances, there are those that worked hard can still fail. The ones that put in little effort and pass, well you have mastered the art of taking the exam, just like some lecturers have mastered the art of teaching. On the other hand, the most worst scenario is the one where you failed after putting in so much effort. In this case the diagram below is a good explanation of the reasons why you had failed.

The only way to figure out the solution for this high effort and fail category is a forensic analysis of the papers.

Well I have included a survey for to figure out which papers to offer as a resit class, so make your vote, since i can only offer a maximum of 2 classes, and limited space, since I want to ensure that you can focus and ask as much questions in a more relaxed setting.

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